Summary of Services



Multi-level research services are available, including academic, policy, applied, quantitative and explanatory. Services are offered to students, teachers, private industry and non-profit.


Review services include proofreading and various types of editing: copy, developmental, structural and more.


Writing services are tailored to meet the need of the client. Services may include grant writing, drafting outlines for research, writing prep, essay assistance or more personal needs such as a family newsletter or speaking engagements.

Other Services

Other services include notary services, assistance with non-profit set up, service navigation and grass roots outreach assistance.

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De La Rosa Documents began offering services to students in 2019. Tutoring, essay outlines, creating of flash cards, assignment organization and test prep.

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Research setting up non-profits, research on service duplication and gaps, and grant writing are a few of the services offered to non-profit organizations.