Welcome to Writing Club

Welcome to writing club. I know most people don’t feel like they can write or can be good writers. I personally love writing. I love writing journal entries, grants, F-U emails, short stories, I even loved writing research papers in college. I love writing. I hate talking, but I love writing. I’m hoping to introduce everyone to the world of writing. The goal is NOT to be Stephen King or whoever writes teen vampire novels. The goal is to connect with our words since we cannot connect in person. I was inspired by my dear friend Matt. I think if the pandemic has taught us anything it is that humans need each other and since we can’t hang out or hug when we see each other, we can use our words. Words can be powerful and can help us release. I’m going to say it once, don’t be a dick to anyone after reading their words. This is a place for expression, not comments or critiques. I know I’m number one captain of the red pen army, but I promise I’m more interested in your words. I’ll say it again for those of you who have to be told a thousand times not to do something, DO NOT COMMENT ON PEOPLE’S STORIES. Our stories are our own, this space is for remembering what humanity is and allowing us to take 2 to five minutes to unload. I’ll provide prompts because I think that is easy. You don’t have to leave your name. I’ll screen before I allow responses to go live, just in case anyone does not understand EVERYTHING I have said politely. Thanks in advance for your participation and I look forward to hearing from you.