Prompt: How long…

How long did you think the pandemic would last?

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I honestly thought it would be about three months. I believe we started hearing about Coronavirus in January of 2020 or maybe that’s just when I started paying attention. In March I was transferring to a new department and very excited about my new role and thought of all of these badass things I was going to accomplish. My first day of my “new job” was March 16, 2020 also known as the day the stay at home order was issued in our city/county. Ok cool, my kid was on spring break, we would chill at home and it’ll be all good. I can be brilliant at home and make my plans and prep for the summer activities I was now coordinating for work. By April I think we knew it was going to be a bit worse than we all anticipated, by May summer was being cancelled. My new “job” was going nowhere, I still have it and I’m still amazing, but everything changed. It was sort of funny in retrospect because I think I thought ok I can deal, I love being home all the time, I actually DO love being home all the time and still love being home, I just prefer not having to compete for WIFI with my roommates… I mean my family. At work we engaged with the Houston Food Bank to start sorting and packing food and distributing food to people in need. After four months of that and the number of people coming in for food steadily increasing, I felt like time stopped. I thought by summer we’ll be good, then, by the end of summer. We’ve passed “go” we’ve been around the board like 17 times and the end does not seem to be in sight. We are still giving out food an the number of people in need is still increasing. I don’t even feel like time is passing, I feel like it has stopped. I struggle with goal setting or feeling like I’ve accomplished anything. Normally by now I have lists of shit I want to do and start and finish and get going, but I don’t have those things. I don’t feel motivated, and I don’t think I am even thinking about how long it’s going to last now, I’m just assuming it will last.

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